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Discover the technology behind the best alarm
The technology behind the Verisure alarm by Securitas Direct gives you complete control of your home wherever you are, at home or anywhere in the world. The first alarm that you can control from your mobile phone or on the internet.

The only alarm with a speak/listen system

State-of-the-art portable GSM control panel. The only Alarm with a portable control panel to call for help in emergencies, with integrated hands-free communication (speaker and microphone). When you click on the SOS button on the control panel you can see and hear what is happening, sending guards, firefighters, ambulances, etc.

Being identified is an intruder's biggest fear

The motion detector is equipped with a micro camera, which makes it possible to capture colour image sequences, an infrared motion sensor and a built-in flash.
When the alarm is activated, any movement is recorded using image sequences. You can also easily request images from your home whenever you want, from your mobile phone, computer or tablet

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Protects all entrances

With the opening sensor you can protect doors and windows, whether you're inside or not. Thanks to technology "shock sensor", the opening sensor will detect the intrusion before it happens.

Strengthens security outside your home

Our perimeter detectors protect access to outside your home (garden, courtyard, terrace, swimming pool…). When an intruder is detected it photographs what happens and starts recording and issues security warnings. The detectors are equipped with an infrared motion sensor and a micro camera, which makes it possible to capture colour image sequences. If an alarm is triggered, the detectors send a signal and the image sequence captured to the Securitas Direct monitoring centre. The images are made available to the customer and the Police, ensuring that more effective measures are taken and there are no false alarms.

The strongest deterrent

The high-power, independent alarm siren prevents
the thief from easily finding the central panel and
sabotaging it.

It provides a more powerful audible alert in a
better location.

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Intelligent access

The smart keys enable simple activation
and deactivation when you enter or leave.
Without having to remember complicated codes.

Thanks to the smart keys, you'll be able
to know who is entering or leaving your
business or house, and they can be used for
access control.

You no longer need to
remember complicated codes

Smart key reader that is easy to use for children and the elderly. You can easily activate and deactivate your Alarm without having to remember complicated codes. You can simply activate it in total mode, night mode, day mode or perimeter mode. Includes an SOS button.

Warns thieves before they enter

The deterrent signs and stickers warn thieves that your home is protected with a Verisure Alarm. They are a strong deterrent and warn the intruder that the business or home is protected. They are made from high-quality polycarbonate with UV protection that guarantees high visibility over time.

Convenience in your hand

An easy-to-use remote control, designed for children and the elderly. Take it with you or leave it on your bedside table, so that you can quickly and easily activate the alarm. You can activate it in total mode, night mode, day mode or perimeter mode. Includes an SOS button.

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In the event of an emergency, activate the SOS alert

Being able to immediately alert the medical services of a household accident, a heart attack or a medical emergency may save your life.

We double your security in the event of attempted burglary

If there is an attempted burglary that is confirmed by images, we send a Securitas guard and the police. The guard allows the police into your home or business, informs you of any
damage and restores security.
  • Alarm response to accompany the Police (basic service).
  • Alarm response for verification (complete service).

Control your business wherever you are

Control your alarm from your mobile phone, computer or tablet, anytime and anywhere in the world. You can see and hear what is happening, connect and disconnect your alarm, know who is leaving and entering, open doors…
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The best alarm at the best price

Trust the best Alarm with the security of your business

Our customers recommend Securitas Direct

  • …we had a medical emergency. A customer fainted. We pressed the SOS button on the panel and Securitas Direct quickly sent an ambulance. Fortunately everything turned out okay.

    Mª Isabel - aged 27
  • …we received the call from the Securitas Direct Monitoring Centre at night. There had been a power cut in the restaurant a few hours earlier.
    Thanks to this alert we were able to quickly repair the fault and all of the food in the cold room wasn’t spoilt..

    Marisa - aged 61
  • …we noticed two suspicious people in the store who were approaching me. I quickly pressed the SOS button that we have under the counter. Fortunately the police got there in time. The recorded images made everything clear.

    Pedro - aged 41

Committed to life
Central Receptora de Alarmas. Salvando vidas
'Verisure - Salving lives'
A true story of a medical emergency 
alert handled by the Alarm Monitoring
Centre of Securitas Direct in 2013.
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24 hours/365 days
The biggest alarm monitoring centre in Europe

You can call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to request repairs, get advice on how to operate the alarm system, request direct assistance from the police and/or security guard service, etc.

  • Advanced call centre 24 hours / 365 days a year.
  • Software updates. Your Alarm is always up-to-date.
  • Warranty on materials and spare partss.
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